Friday, 22 May 2009

OCRopus 0.4

Our OCR engine, OCRopus, is working its way towards a 0.4 release. To that end I've spent a day trying to compile the new code on Mac. As far as I can see I'm the first to attempt it, and it's taught me a lot about Unix programming!

It now builds, and works for some of our test files. First impressions are that accuracy is better where it works, so I'll be working hard to integrate the engine with VelOCRaptor over the next week.


  1. Hi Duncan I'm trying to get 0.3 to work on my Mac Leopard. Seems like a fickle beast. Is it a lot easier or do you reckon it's better just to try 0.4? Are you having any luck with it?

  2. We built 0.3 by lobbing all the source and dependencies into an XCode project rather than hacking the make files.

    If you'd like a compiled version of OCRopus for Mac, download VelOCRaptor and look for ocroscript in the Shared Support folder inside the app bundle.