Wednesday, 24 June 2009

So near and yet so far

I was all set to release VelOCRaptor 1.0 yesterday, but it was my wedding anniversary, so I didn't quite finish all the tasks before we went out to dinner and a movie (Last Chance Harvey, seeing as you ask).

I was just about to push the big green publicity button this evening when I received an email asking how to donate. As I wrote the reply, my mind went through the steps required to process the licence in the program, and I realised that it doesn't work! The licensing code had a whole bunch of tests, which pass, but relied on a folder which exists on my Mac because I created it by hand when I was prototyping the code, and won't exist on any other Mac.

So I very nearly released version 1.0, charging $29 for a licence that doesn't work.

In the Windows world we solve these problems by installing software into clean virtual machines for testing, but in their wisdom Apple stop developers from doing this for Mac OS. So now I'm off to the iMac to just check that I can install the latest release...

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