Wednesday, 29 July 2009

How Are We Doing?

I had previous posted about our first day's figures. Since the rush caused by the MacInTouch launch, and then a spike when we were on the front page of Apple's download site, things have settled down. I've been busy fixing a couple of key bugs, and enhancing Rococoa in time for Snow Leopard, so there has been very little publicity, and I can now report on our steady-state traffic. These figures are not precise, sometimes they are just gleaned from looking at the Analytics graphs and guestimating, but they are figures, based largely on the 7 days beginning 22 July.

Google Analytics shows that our steady state is 50 visitors a day, with 7 downloads of the application. Looking at the server logs though, Analytics misses many downloads. 10 a day are referred from Apple downloads, 5 a day from MacUpdate, and 17 a day from our own downloads page. I don't know why Analytics misses those last, a very few are people retrying downloads, but most just seem to slip the JavaScript net. In total I think that we get 33 downloads a day.

Analytics also reveals that 40% of our traffic is direct, 10% comes from people searching for the term 'velocraptor', and our bounce rate is 44%. From this I'm forced to conclude that 44% of our traffic is people either typing 'velocraptor' into the location bar and finding us rather than dinosaurs, or a similar effect with Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky'. If we discount all the bounces as people who should just learn to spell, then our real steady state is 33 visitors a day - this matches the sum of the pukka search terms and referrals, but does not include those people who download the app without touching the html.

Spookily then, our ratio of visits to downloads is 1, although these aren't all the same people! This blows the industry average of 28% to pieces, but it isn't all good news - my next post will cover registrations.


  1. Jonathan Thorpe7 August 2009 at 09:24

    Hi Duncan,

    I had an idea about how you might monitize VelOCRaptor that I've just been discussing with Simon and he suggested I leave a comment on your, um, here I am.

    Given the low take up of licencing, you could look at an advertising model. So far, so uninteresting.

    However, have you thought of embedding advertising inside the PDFs that are generated by VelOCRaptor?

    Given that you could potentially make more money from advertising than from licencing, you would want to make the adverts marry with the PDF content and not be too 'in your face' (for instance, a big watermark across the PDF would be quite annoying, a subtle banner at the base of the page less so).

    Obviously those who pay the licence wouldn't have the adverts in their PDFS, and could potentially wash the adverts out of the exising PDFs.

    What do you think?


  2. Hey Jonathan, good of you to drop by, sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

    I have considered the advertising options - and advertising in the PDFs does make some sense. It's an uncommon model though, and difficult to blaze a trail. I can imagine making money through affiliation - embedding links to Amazon books etc.

    Fundamentally I do believe that people will register the product if we ask them. At the moment there is code in the product to encourage registration - to remind people that they should be paying. The next step is to do this gently - on exit say, and see what effect that has on registrations.