Friday, 11 September 2009

Version 1.1 Released

A fortnight after the release of Snow Leopard we have finally finished working through the issues and are very pleased to be able to publish VelOCRaptor v1.1. It is available for immediate download, and should auto-update from previous versions.

For the record, VelOCRaptor had 2 major issues under Snow Leopard.
  • Our PDFs rendered only part of the page - this was due to the 64-bitness of 10.6, and was the real show-stopper
  • When you came to save the PDF, it complained that 'The location of the document <>.pdf cannot be determined' and offered to let you Save As. This was caused by the way we attempted to have one document which started life as an image file and ended up as a PDF file. The bodge to make that work was fine on Leopard, but Snow Leopard turned out more finickity.

If you have been waiting for Snow Leopard support, we're sorry it took so long, and as compensation we're shipping a bonus Automator action. This makes it easy to use VelOCRaptor as part of your workflow - we hope it comes in handy.